Goal Seek in Excel … Done Correctly!

Building a spreadsheet that uses Goal Seek to get to the end result is relatively easy. Doing it well takes a bit more work.

In this beginner level tutorial we start with a typical spreadsheet that uses Goal Seek. It works but it’s difficult for a new user to follow and figure out what they need to do with it. We then modify this spreadsheet to:

  1. Include explicit and separate input cells for the Goal Seek parameters;
  2. Ensure our Goal Seek target value is always zero;
  3. Put in a check cell that tells us when we need to re-run the Goal Seek;
  4. Add a screen grab of the Goal Seek popup box so it’s complelely obvious to a new user how to re-run the Goal Seek;

The video uses MS Excel 2016 but the same steps are used for MS Excel 2010 and Excel 2013.

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