Dynamic Named Ranges in Excel

A great way of making your macros and code more robust is to use dynamic named ranges. These automatically adjust and resize as the underlying data changes and I use them whenever I can.

In this beginner level tutorial we start with a completely blank spreadsheet. We build a number of lists within a worksheet and then define a number of named ranges.

When defining these named ranges we put some formulas in the “Refers To” box that:
1. Use the Excel OFFSET function (and we explain how to use it);
2. And use the COUNT or COUNTA Excel functions;

Combining these Excel functions in the “Refers To” formula allows us to define a dynamic named range. As a final step we then build a dropdown list within a worksheet cell that adjusts based on the dynamic named range.

The video uses MS Excel 2016 but the same steps are used for MS Excel 2010 and Excel 2013.

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